Amazing Sports Stories #1: Third Test, Australia v Pakistan, 1995-96

Ben Toupein’s work has been featured on New Albion previously, providing the banner illustration for Philosophical Differences: The 1993-94 Scoring TitleAn illustrator and letterpress designer by trade, he was hung in the Cricket Art Prize at the SCG 2010-2012. He’s been around cricket much of his life, and is a total bandit for a comic book. We got him to combine these two interests for the first issue of a series we’re going to respectfully, but hyperbolically, call Amazing Sports Stories.

Issue #1:
In the third test of summer 1995-96, the indomitable Australian cricket team had just endured a taxing day in the field against a Pakistan side intent on making things difficult. We take a look at the final ball of the day.

Illustrated by Ben Toupein




Ben Toupein is a regular contributor at New Albion.