Alex Vitlin

How are the Lakers not likeable? How is Kobe not likeable? Essendon are the victims. Losing money at sportsbooks. Drinking at the ground. Co-head of opining.

James Wright

New Albion's Cantona. Knicks Stockholm Syndrome. West Brom. Committed sports villain and appreciator of sports villainy. Collingwood. That last one sums it up. The other head of opining.

Marc Hendrick

Internet enthusiast. Bee victim. Horrendous Celtics die hard. Draws pretty pictures. Dodgers fan. Eagerly awaiting the Carson stadium.

Felix Chan

Hungover in Hong Kong. Perennially depressed about Liverpool. Blithely optimistic about the Pistons. Pretends the Swans are tolerable. The rag man.

James Ross-Edwards

Observer of men. The people's pope. The Reschs drinker's regent. A wry flick of the wrist, both pen and on the pitch.

James Aviaz

Melbourne to New York, via the spiritual way of the scouse. In a complex relationship with Essendon. Wordsman and internetman.

Barry Patenaude

Illustrator. Beers in the sun - google that. Great NBA fights. Ink on paper. New Albion's presence on the low block.

Sean Tribe

Blindly loyal to the Phoenix Suns. The NBL was better in the 90's. Erratic and ill advised with most other sports. I coach teams from the bleachers.

Glenn Eugen Ellingsen, Parasol Studios

Norwegian in HK. DJ, photographer, man about town. Family of sailors, almost made snowboarding a job, does not hate a tat.

Jonny Nail

Genetically attached to Newcastle United. Morally associated with the Western Sydney Wanderers. Sympathetically indebted to the Cronulla Sharks. Historically assigned to the Menai Hawks Football Club. Hasn't won a pennant in years. Loves a comma.

Catherine Kelleher

Songs and screenplays. Web and film. Riesling. Oysters. Tennis. Riesling and oysters at the tennis. BBC dramas.

Jake Saulwick

Pained Dees-man. Student of the King. Journalist and editor. A deft leggy.

Ben Toupein

High Jumper. Perennial believer in the Fosdike Brownlow that should have been. Former state bowler. NASA booster. Pencilman.

Omid Amidi

Raps and Jays. Wordsman not swordsman. Rick Owens in the high post. Persia via the 6ix.

Dijana Kumurdian

aka Matka. No regard for ball sports but mad for kayfabe. A spinner of questionable rap music, your problematic fave.